[Wlug] DNS not resolving

John Stoffel john at stoffel.org
Thu Aug 3 21:16:53 EDT 2017

Richard> I did a dist-upgrade on my computer. Afterward, I got an
Richard> error related to a broken link for resolvconf. I read
Richard> somewhere that the file gets created if it doesn't exist, so
Richard> I unlinked and deleted the offending file (I think it was /
Richard> etc/resolvconf, but I don't remember). 

Sounds like your on a debian style system.  Details please?  For
example, on Ubuntu (recent ones I think) you need to add a line like:


into your /etc/network/interfaces file so that on bootup it will
populate /etc/resolv.conf properly.  

Richard> Now I don't seem to have any DNS. I can still access my
Richard> routers menu by typing in the dotted quad, but no alpha
Richard> URLs. Any ideas? 

cat /etc/resolv.conf first off.

Richard> I entered the Google DNS addresses: & in the network settings
Richard> GUI. That looks good, but addresses still aren't resolving. 

You might need to reboot, but first just tell us the Distribution and
version you're using.


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