[Wlug] good article Q+A with Linus Torvalds

Doug Mildram dmildram at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 11:05:05 EDT 2016

doug> The joys of project management! About which I know very little.
I only noticed this because the IEEE......... (which i joined for a short
    then they keep sending me weekly/monthly stuff for free on email,
    plus they keep begging me to re-join)  sent me links to.....


doug> My favorite take-home (one comment/reply to the line below said:
"everyone knows that!" )
                       Linux is a kernel, not an entire operating system.

but in the article, Linus got quoted saying...

If I had known what I know today when I started, I would never have had the
chutzpah to start writing my own operating system: You need a certain
amount of naïveté to think that you can do it.
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