[Wlug] New TV Suggestions?

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Mon Mar 14 17:00:28 EDT 2016

My recommendation would be Sony as far as image quality and reliability go.
Their newest series of smart TVs integrate Android TV, which is actually
good, so that's another plus.


On Mon, Mar 14, 2016 at 2:45 PM, John Stoffel <john at stoffel.org> wrote:

> Tim> After 17 years, my venerable 27" Panasonic tube TV finally died.
> Heh... my 32" JVC tube is still going strong... though relegated to
> the basement now...
> Tim> Now... what to replace it with?
> What devices do you have hooked up to your TV?  I assume blueRay or
> DVD, but anything else?
> Personally, I'd probably skip or not use any of the smart TVs since
> they seem to get hacked or broken after a few short years, esp when
> the vendor turns off the website supporting them.  Or stops updating
> the Netflix plugin, etc.
> I've got a Sony 42" LCD from 2007 which is working great.  Hooked upto
> a Tivo and DVD player.  So for me, getting more inputs would be a big
> thing, so then I could try running a ChromeCast or someth other type
> of system on a stick.  Basically, keep the TV as dumb as possible, so
> that the sucker doesn't screw you over.
> John
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