[Wlug] New TV Suggestions?

John Stoffel john at stoffel.org
Mon Mar 14 14:45:04 EDT 2016

Tim> After 17 years, my venerable 27" Panasonic tube TV finally died.

Heh... my 32" JVC tube is still going strong... though relegated to
the basement now...

Tim> Now... what to replace it with?

What devices do you have hooked up to your TV?  I assume blueRay or
DVD, but anything else?

Personally, I'd probably skip or not use any of the smart TVs since
they seem to get hacked or broken after a few short years, esp when
the vendor turns off the website supporting them.  Or stops updating
the Netflix plugin, etc.

I've got a Sony 42" LCD from 2007 which is working great.  Hooked upto
a Tivo and DVD player.  So for me, getting more inputs would be a big
thing, so then I could try running a ChromeCast or someth other type
of system on a stick.  Basically, keep the TV as dumb as possible, so
that the sucker doesn't screw you over.


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