[Wlug] linux security camera

Michael Voorhis mvoorhis at cs.wpi.edu
Tue Mar 1 09:30:27 EST 2016

On 03/01/2016 09:20, Frank Sweetser wrote:
> * Assume wireless will stop working, because at some point it will.  Wire is 
> pretty cheap (you can get good prices on bulk wire at Monoprice), and it will 
> more than make up for it's cost in reliability, performance, and security.

At some point you may decide that one shot every 20/30s isn't enough, so
having a fast reliable network will become more and more important, as
you add cameras and start increasing frame-rates.  Depending on the size
of picture you want to store (once again think about Frank's other list
items -- image resolution & quality) you can saturate a low throughput
network.  If you're doing multiple cameras, or having multiple pictures
coming into the server per second, post-processing of the images on the
server end, you will end up with a CPU bottleneck.

Look at the low-light performance of your cameras also.  You don't want
to record a blur ... you want a useful picture of a person that you can
show to the authorities.  Make sure the target area is well-lit.


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