[Wlug] linux security camera

brad bkn at ithryn.net
Tue Mar 1 08:39:17 EST 2016

W - luggers, 

I plan to rig up a security camera for my wife’s store. Recently a drunk person stumbled in and gave the sales associate a bit of a scare, fortunately nothing happened. 

A company quoted $4k, which i thought was unnecessary, so linux powered i will go. I recall hearing on the list about a linux security camera potential a year ago with a PI, and a search through old list messages confirms that. The market for these PI-like devices seems to be fast moving. The PI 3 was announced recently, and the wifi option is attractive b/c less wiring is desirable. I know of other similar devices such as, beagle bones, other PIs, and ODROID (mentioned on the list). These devices are out of my domain of expertise and there are many of them. I thought the PI 3 would make for a good choice, but i thought i’d ask the list if there is anything else to consider. 

Price is not really an option since all these devices are so dang cheap. The camera(s) will likely fire a shot once every 20-30 second interval, so its not a continuous stream. Infrared is desirable for when the store is closed and visible light is low. 

 - brad

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