[Wlug] Dec 12: Identity Management: FreeIPA, SSSD, Kerberos, etc.

Chuck Anderson cra at WPI.EDU
Mon Nov 30 10:54:29 EST 2015

I have an offer from Dmitri Pal, Engineering Director at Red Hat,
Inc., to come to WLUG on December 10 and give a talk on Identity

He asked which of the following topics people would be interested in:

   "FreeIPA - I go over problem space and talk about what IPA does and
    how it solves the problems
    - about an hour with Q&A.

    AD [Microsoft Active Directory] integration I can give an overview
    of the AD integration options and talk about best practices there
    - about an hour with Q&A.

    Application integration - is about how to build applications
    integrated with different authentication methods out of box 
    - 40-50 min with Q&A.

    I can combine.

    I also can talk about Kerberos and explain how it works and how it
    can be used for SSO [Single Sign-On]."

I was thinking FreeIPA + Kerberos which would fit nicely into our
usual 2 hour meeting slot and provide a nice introduction to the
topic, but let me know if the other topics are of more interest.  Time
is running short, so respond quickly!


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