[Wlug] The speaker for the February meeting has been lined up!

Tim Keller turbofx at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 10:43:58 EST 2015

Hey Everybody,

Great news!  Andy will be speaking at the Feb. meeting!  He's going to be
doing a talk on Mesh networking.  I figure this will "mesh" nicely with
Frank's talk about 802.11*[nn]* networking.  Once I get the official title
for the talk I'll send out a more official reminder.

On a different note... Is there anything that people are interested in that
we could work on lining up speakers for?

Here's a couple of ideas...
* Software defined networking
* Robotics
* Home automation

I am leery of the allegiances of any politician who refers to their
constituents as "consumers".
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