[Wlug] Test needed on declared-ill Modem. Who has a lab?

John Stoffel john at stoffel.org
Fri Sep 28 11:08:42 EDT 2012

E> John, sorry to hear of the demise of your router. I have one of the
E> newer Netgear routers here, running TomatoUSB. Very nice. It took 4
E> hands to do the magical reset after installing the software. but
E> it's been solid after that.

Well I did manage to get it rebooted and upgraded to the latest
version of DD-WRT, but it's just sitting there waiting for me to get
it setup again.  I'm probably going to move to Tomato instead of
DD-WRT, since I really want the ability to add internal hosts to my
internal DNS without having to screw around with DNSmasq
configurations all the time.  I mostly do static IPs at home, except
for the phones and other mobile devices...

I just found that DD-WRT was sucky from a management perspective.  But
I liked having dual radio router doing all the work, instead of two
seperate devices.  


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