[Wlug] Test needed on declared-ill Modem. Who has a lab?

John Stoffel john at stoffel.org
Thu Sep 27 09:31:10 EDT 2012

Eric> Make sure that you update the MAC address with charter, and that
Eric> they actually update it. I've had a few problems where they
Eric> haven't even though they said they did.

Just to chime in here, Charter seems to have a new automated system
for checking internet problems.  I bricked my WNDR3700v2 recently
while trying to upgrade it to a newer version of DD-WRT, so I had to
fall back quickly to my PCengines (http://pcengines.ch) based m0n0wall
box to get the internet working.  Since I munged the wrong MAC address
into the m0n0wall, I sighed and called up charter.  The automated
system was quite nice, and did a full remote reset of my router and
presto, things started working again.  

Eric> Also, a lot of modems have diagnostic suites built in. An easy
Eric> enough way to get at it is to turn it off, and unscrew the coax
Eric> line. Now boot it up, and it won't get an IP from charter, but
Eric> it should give your router an ip like, and the
Eric> gateway should he something like (check for
Eric> specifics) but that gateway is your modem. Punch that IP into a
Eric> browser and see what comes up, usually the password is something
Eric> stupid, and a Google search will yield it if its not admin. Keep
Eric> in mind you pulled the cable, so it will show that. This will
Eric> also work when you have no internet, and it usually shortens
Eric> phone calls with Charter.

I've got an old Motorola Surfboard 3100 I could give, my current 5120
is working just fine.


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