[Wlug] Test needed on declared-ill Modem. Who has a lab?

E Johnson iris.gates at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 19:31:59 EDT 2012

PS: This evening, Ch4rter Billing has deleted the upcoming service charge
for this morning's tech call. Amazing how it took 2 guys to check line
levels, then hang one moden where my other modem was, + plug in one coax &
one wall wart , then make 30-sec call to the office to get their repacement
modem provisioned & watch for blinking green lights. 2 guys.
If this happens to you (they discontinued your router & required you to use
theirs), don't eat the bill.
it does work fine, FWIW, but not impressed.

On 20 September 2012 19:11, E Johnson <iris.gates at gmail.com> wrote:

> Umm. Non-happy camper.  ISP things have changed here, without me being
> informed. Recently (2 days ago) my modem started rebooting every little
> while. Zillions of T3 & T4 timouts in the modem log, Signal lavels were
> perfect when it was online.  I own this thing, a Motorola SB6120 purchased
> late June 2010. It has not been abused.
> I am in Woosta & we all know the ISP available here. 2 techs showed up
> mid-morning, to diagnose and fix this issue. One guy stood there watching;
> the other guy "did stuff." They checked the signal levels on incoming line
> from the box connected to the pole our back, and declared my moden Dying.
> They talked to each other (not me) & seemed to think I was Granny-in-a-Box,
> until they let me say more than one sentence.
> These guys also confessed that since July 202, Ch4rter does not "allow"
> customers to own/run their own modems. Their consolation prize is that they
> don't charge modem rental fees any more. (it's not on the bill, anyway,
> FWIW). They mumbled some other mumbo jumbo and fled 5 seconds after they
> learned I have my own router too, & didn't care if the modem and router
> were yet in communication. They just said "better reboot" and they "no
> longer" service "wireless" --which I am not running except when certain
> visitors appear. I think they meant they don't diagnose routers, which has
> always been the policy, and which is fine. Internal LAN issues aren't their
> problem.
> So now I have a modem which may or may not be sick, but no way to test it
> to make sure. Is there anyone here who can take a look at this thing & test
> to see if it's Really Dying, or if Ch4rter deaded it with their  latest
> firmware revision of their firmware & policy change in July 2012?
> An interesting meeting theme sometime might be how to get the Verizon FIOS
> in Worcester. Several years ago I watched Verizon trucks & Verizon moles
> installing their fiber optics in manholes all over town. Ch4rter is running
> on Verizon's infrastructure. Ch4rter internet has been working better since
> then, but we're still locked out of the option to use verizon. Is this a
> topic of interest to anyone? If so, I'll lead the discussion and even buy
> the Pizz4. To me, this is a Large Pizza problem.
> Another interesting but probably futile discussion might center around why
> we have suddenly been deprived of the ability to watch the behavior and
> effectiveness of our modems, which serve internet coming from our ISP.. I
> was not informed of this -- was anyone who is just a 'regular' customer?
> Meanwhile, if anyone has a test lab or whatever, where they can test my
> declared-dead modem, please let me know. Otherwise it's probably a
> giveaway, or another piece of Landfill Fodder. I can bring to a meeting &
> can wait for results.
> Thanks &  happy pizzaz,
> Liz J
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