[Wlug] list filenames within directory > output to text file? SOLVED

E Johnson iris.gates at gmail.com
Tue May 8 20:45:09 EDT 2012

OK. That produced an output such as:

005p080_081 038p332_333 040p392_393 100p112_113 405p074_075 414p230_231
005p082_083 038p372_373 040p414_415 1044p39v_14 405p092_093 414p338_339
005p094_095 038p378_379 040p450_451 1052p211v_2 405p196_197 414p428_429
005p118_119 038p400_401 040p472_473 105p076_076 405p232_233 414p467_468
005p124_125 038p426_427 040p482_483 106p396_397 405p250_251 416p064_065
005p126_127 038p438_439 041p010_011 107p504_505 405p322_323 416p174_175
005p150_151 038p590_591 041p068_069 107p512_513 405p328_329 416p198_199
416p212_213 424p174_175 433p248_249 457p314_315 504p204_205 762Ap254_25
416p294_295 425p006_007 434p216_217 459p068_069 661Ap032_03 762Ap266_26
417p052_053 426p034_035 434p256_257 459p164_165 661p028_029 762p130_131

it printed to terminal.

The ls command with redirect into text file did work though! All it
needed then was to copy/paste into word processor, then format into
colums, select font & type size. We got 500 filenames on 2 pages

That's our checklist --it's done. Looks good. We're happy.

Thanks again,

On 8 May 2012 20:18, Theo Van Dinter <felicity at kluge.net> wrote:
> On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 7:59 PM, E Johnson <iris.gates at gmail.com> wrote:
>> A text file containing 500 names would print on just the left-hand
>> side of who-knows how many pages. We need this in a word processor
>> doc, which we can make into columns, then print on only 2 or 3 sheets.
>> It's just for reference, so we know if we already have this file in
>> our directory.
> So you want something similar to the terminal ls output, ie: filenames in
> columns?
> You can do something like "ls | pr -6tT" which will generate a 6 column
> output w/ the filenames.
> You can further tweak pr with other options.
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