[Wlug] Myth Box Resources and HD DVR Info?

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If you've got 7 drives I would go with RAID 6 over 5.

On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 3:01 PM, Jeff Artz <junk_inbox at verizon.net> wrote:

> >Jeff>   I've got 7 drives just as individual drives directly attached
> >Jeff>   via SATA ports.  Each drive is mounted individually, and I use
> >Jeff>   the "Storage Groups" feature in MythTV, which spreads the
> >Jeff>   recordings across all the drives pretty evenly. ;-)
> >
> >Interesting, no RAID.  Did you do this for ease of expansion, so you
> >just add a new disk and Myth simply starts using it?  And I assume you
> >don't care if you lose 150+ programs at a go if a disk dies, right?
> I ran a Raid5 of 6 500GB drives for a couple of years.  But then I had a
> drive that was starting to fail, so I had bought a replacement, and had
> powered down my system to replace the bad drive.  Well, when I did that, a
> 2nd drive went DOA with the 'click-of-death'.  No amount of recovery
> attempts brought things back to life, so there I was with 2.5TB of Raid5'd
> recordings gone....
> So I re-built using Individual drives and Storage Groups.  Now if I were to
> lose a drive or two, I only lose SOME of my recordings, not everything.
> >Of course I'm running on a Tivo Premiere with a single disk so I'm
> >toast too if it dies.  I need to crack my case one day and make a
> >backup...
> I used to 'backup' my DishPlayer 7200's back in the day... but it's much
> easier with MythTV. ;-)
> >I'm also using a Cable Card and a Cisco interface box because Tivo
> >doesn't support the latest two way cable card standard.  And that
> >Cisco box keeps crapping out randomly and requires a reboot.  Better
> So this is basically an 'external tuner' for the Tivo?  Sounds like it
> could
> be used to feed a tuner for MythTV too...  Yes/No/Maybe?  Is it SD or HD?
> (Sounds like SD)
> I had also tried tuning Clear QAM on my FiOS cable, but didn't get anything
> except locals and the SD "Government" cable channels, which are of no
> interest to me.  And I get the locals loud & clear via a roof-mounted UHF
> antenna.
> >channel switching speed/accuracy than using an IR blaster though for
> >sure!
> Yeah, IR Blasting is somewhat of a science... When I was using IR blasting,
> I managed to get things tuned up well enough that I almost never had a bad
> channel change.  But maybe it's because I used an oscillescope to 'tune' my
> scripts to be 'pefect'...
> >
> >John
> Jeff
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