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PS -  The landlady downstairs has Charter's lowest (slowest) tier of
internet service, with a wireless modem/router (some kind of little white
Netgear box) that they supply. It's usually okay on a wired connection, but
I've tested the wireless on it, & while it serves webpages okay (usually),
it's really, really slow downloading anything. Even sitting 4 feet away
from the box, with nothing but air in between. Maybe she got a bad unit,
but I'd recommend avoiding that setup.

The other thing to watch out for if you rent a modem from the company (any
company) is to make sure they give you a brand-new unit, and not some
half-dead unit they just swapped out of someone else's house.

On 23 November 2011 19:15, E Johnson <iris.gates at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've had very good success with Charter over 9 or 10 years or service by
> them. When I lived at Newton Square it took some time (many moons) to
> convincve their techs that the draggy internet was because of a
> suspersaturated node, but they regularly gave me rebates for poor service &
> finally did get it fixed & working well. They finally split the node to
> relieve the traffic congestion in that neighborhood.
> I think a lot has changed with this Co. since they got the DOCSYS3 up &
> running here. It's been a couple of years here (in Worcester). I think that
> has made a big difference. Have the 25-down / 3-up here now. Service at
> this place (you guys were here for the BBQ) has generally been very smooth
> since June 2010 when we moved in. We had to get techs out here a couple of
> time just after they replaced the drops this past summer --they needed to
> tune (something), then we had torrential rain that seemed to be getting
> iinto something, somewhere nearby. They did note lots of packet loss "at
> the drop" which meant it was not in my house, my lines or my equipment, so
> the tech calls were all zero-cost.
> You might like to have your own modem & router, which I have, or maybe
> not. I can discuss what equipment I am running here if necessary, with
> which I am very satisfied. I buy my own router & modem so that I can run my
> own software on it & see my own diagnostics pages.
> We do not experience a slowdown in the evenings or on rainy-day weekends
> here. Speed is very good 99.9% of the time.
> The only Cons: A couple of times I had to call Cust. Service to explain
> that the service calls they charged me for were not "my fault". But  they
> immediately dropped the charges that had billed me for. So this is not that
> much of a Con except it did cost me some phone-call time.  Just keep an eye
> on your bill & don't auto-pay.
> Some percentage of their phone support people (including Tech) is
> outsourced to overseas locations. Some of the accents are a bit difficult
> to understand. These techs have a hard time disuccing anything that is not
> in their canned script, so if the call is something they can't handle, I
> just ask for a "Level 2 Tech" or a "soup Tech" (supervisor) & usually I end
> up being transferred to someone in the US.
> Again, this is not much of a Con.
> I'm generally very pleased with the service.
> You'd be welcome to drop by with a laptop, or & check out what the service
> is like here, or just test the service using my spare desktop (Debian
> Squeeze which might become Mint at any moment). Or just PM me if you would
> like a demo.
> HTH,
> Liz J
> On 23 November 2011 18:13, Chuck Noyes <vze284qe at verizon.net> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I'm getting fed up with Verizon's inability to fix their DSL service -
>> it's been incredibly slow for the last couple of months. Customer support
>> has been no help. So, I'm curious what ISP people like (and don't like).
>> I'd prefer a local one, but at this point, I'm not
>> fussy. I'm looking for something reliable. We have Charter as the cable
>> TV provider. I don't know if I want to go that route.
>> I don't want to start a "religious war" - I'm just looking for
>> information so I can make an informed decision.
>> Thanks,
>> -Chuck
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