[Wlug] Looking for a partner for a project

Jason Couture plaguethenet at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 23:34:45 EDT 2011

Would anyone at all be interested in helping build a new website? I
can't share too many details, as it will be commercial, but i need
someone who has experience with HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP/AJAX/MySql and
preferably experience setting up a version control system (server).
Parts of this project will end up being open source (the chat server
for the web site already is). If anyone knows any of this, or even if
they feel they can lend a hand with part of it, It would be much

More details will be given in direct emails, provided a good faith
non-disclosure agreement is acceptable. No signing anything, just an
email stating you agree not to disclose the details of this project,
prior to its release.

This project will benefit the open source community if it is successful.

Thanks in advance,
Jason Couture

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