[Wlug] Unable to make it tonight... still planning on presenting in Oct.

Tim Keller turbofx at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 17:42:01 EDT 2009

Hey Gang,

I'll be unable to make it to the meeting tonight, however I still plan on
doing a talk next month on "pygame".

What's "pygame" you ask?!?

"pygame" is a set of python libraries that wrap SDL written in C and
assembler.  These libraries take the nitty gritty out of writing games with
python, or as they put it "we take the pure out of game development".

I'm going to talk about the libraries in depth (with slides), show off a
silly game I've written and then dive into the code of the game so you can
see how absurdity easy it is to use.

Obviously my talk is going to be python centric, but no worries.  I'm using
this as an excuse to teach myself python so it'll be educational to the
python guru and the python neophyte alike.


I am leery of the allegiances of any politician who refers to their
constituents as "consumers".
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