[Wlug] IPv6 config question

Chuck Anderson cra at WPI.EDU
Wed Sep 2 09:37:39 EDT 2009

On Wed, Sep 02, 2009 at 09:20:06AM -0400, William Smith wrote:
> Hiya!
> I've got an old laptop (Sony Vaio PCG-F520) that I've been setting to
> re-purposing.  To this end, I've installed Fedora 10 on it.
> I've got DNS (IPv4) and DHCP configured on it, and it will eventually
> be acting as a printserver for an HP LaserJet 4MP.  :)
> My question is this:  How difficult (or involved) would it be to add
> IPv6 support to this?  I know about AAAA records, but I'm not so sure
> what the reverse lookup file would look like.  Likewise, I'm not sure
> about how DHCP would be configured, if I have to touch it at all.

Here's an example reverse record for IPv6 address 
2001:468:616:820::20: 3600 IN PTR sinclair.wpi.edu.

DHCPv6 is supported by ISC DHCP.  You have to run a separate service 
(dhcpd -6) since the server only supports one protocol at a time.

However, DHCPv6 isn't required to assign v6 addresses.  DHCPv6 is only 
really required if you want control over the assignments such as in a 
managed network environment.  You can instead use SLAAC (Stateless 
Address Auto-Configuration).  This is automatic--no server required.  
You can run radvd on the router to announce the availablility of the 
router and global prefix(es) available on the link.

yum install radvd

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