[Wlug] Self-Introduction : Markus McLaughlin

John Stoffel john at stoffel.org
Wed Jan 28 16:17:21 EST 2009

Aaron> Markus McLaughlin wrote, on Jan 28, 2009 at 13:52 EST:
>> Ubuntu is cool but it's not American based like Fedora is.

Aaron> Just a comment on this, point.

Aaron> Redhat is American-based.
Aaron> Fedora is an international community.

Aaron> Canonical is England-based.
Aaron> Ubuntu is an international community.

Yeah, I wanted to chime in on this as well, since Linux was started by
someone from Finland (who might be a US citizen now...) so it's not
really american made at all. 

Sorry to jump on you like this, I just think it's a specious arguement
to use when picking one distro over another.  Now, if you want to
compare the speed of yum vs apt, then we've got a discussion.

Anyway, I'm a happy Debian/Ubuntu (bleeding edge on both) user.  I'm a
professional SysAdmin as well, so I use RHEL, Solaris in my work life,
along with some CentOS.  I hate yum... :]

Markus, hopefully we'll see you at the next meeting, and the one in
March when I hope to present a little talk on programing the Arduino
controller (http://www.arduino.cc) in the Ubuntu/Linux command line.
It's quite fun!


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