[Wlug] Thank you for your help and.....

Ken Jones kjones at ziplink.net
Tue Jan 13 17:33:53 EST 2009

Last week I was stuck.  I had a broken SUN sparc64 ULTRA ONE.  I asked WLUG for help.  John Stoffel rose to the bait.  My SUN now works better than ever.  (We installed four fast ethernet ports thereby replacing a broken old fashioned eth0.)  Thank you (publicly) John.

I have another question.

I am a retired computer programmer.  I ended my professional days as a Senior Software Engineer for CISCO Systems in 2004.  I am getting bored.  (and my 401k is getting hit).  I am curious as to whether I can contribute to an Open Source project.  How do I join an open source community?  Are they all parts of large corporations or schools?  I just read that CISCO is embracing the open source idea.  Oh course, I shall get hold of them.

Do any of you have some knowledge on this subject?

Ken Jones
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