[Wlug] Hyper Terminal into SUN SPARC ULTRA??

Eric Martin freak4uxxx at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 10:50:30 EST 2009

Need to edit /etc/inittab. I'm not at my pc right now so I can't give
exacts but basically copy one of the tty lines and replace the
terminal with ttyS0 ot ttyS1 (your serial interface)

On 1/1/09, Ken Jones <kjones at ziplink.net> wrote:
> I still have not solved how to get my AURORA LINUX package to see the added
> SBUS quad ethernet card in my SUN SPARC ULTRA --so--->
> I am after some of the files that I have stored on this SAMBA server.
> I figured I could use Hyper Terminal.  I have an appropriate cross over
> cable with a 24 pin connector to plug into the SPARC's Terminal A or
> Terminal B.
> I can configure Hyper Terminal on my PC running WINDOWS XP.
> I am stuck figuring out how to get the SUN to activate this asynchronous
> interface.
> Any suggestions?
> Ken Jones (suddenly feeling very elderly)

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