[Wlug] Sorry about the facebook thing.

Keith Wright kwright at keithdiane.us
Thu Apr 30 06:37:28 EDT 2009

> From: Jason Couture <plaguethenet at gmail.com>
> I accidentially clicked the send invites button on
> facebook, I didnt mean to, it sent it to EVERYONE in
> my address book :| Quite annoying.
> So anyways, I do apologize for the spam.
> Jason Couture
> From: Ben LaVerriere <gonoldothrond at gmail.com>
> In fairness, it did require some action on Jason's
> part --- 

Why be elaborately fair to the evil ones?

This is the third time I have gotten one of
these bot-written Facebook "invitations" which
was soon followed by apologies and annoyance
from the purported sender.

They _trick_ people into pushing the button.

But what does the button have to do with it?  What
program does the button run that could not be run
without the button?  Is this a gaping security hole in
the browser and operating system?  Or is it an
conspiracy between Facebook and your email host?

> Facebook does have a feature (?) to email
> people "from your address book" at various webmail
> providers,

So the webmail provider has sold out?

If I go to Facebook with Linux and Firefox
will the same happen to me?

> but it won't do so without the user specifically
> providing his or her credentials and approval.

You need another "(?)" after "approval".

But why not?  Is that in writing, or is it
really enforced by software, or is it just
a rumor they like to spread?

> More specifically, we should be upset at Jason for
> not noticing that WLUG isn't a person when asking
> Facebook to send those messages, not at Facebook for
> letting him do so.

To be fair, you shouldn't have to be checking
all kinds of occult trivia to prevent
your entire address book from getting
sent to any website that asks for it.

Facebook did not _let_ him send it.

This is one of the headers of that message:

> Received: from mx-out.facebook.com
>     (outmail018.snc1.tfbnw.net [])
>       by SMTP.WPI.EDU (8.14.2/8.14.2)
>      with ESMTP id n3TG9iIT026912
>    for <wlug at mail.wlug.org>;
>     Wed, 29 Apr 2009 12:09:50 -0400
>    (envelope-from invite+2maswggx at facebookmail.com)

that clearly shows it was transfered directly
from Facebook to WPI, Jason had little to do with it.

I think I will stay upset with Microsoft,
Facebook, and the webmail corporations
and side with the human.

  -- Keith

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