[Wlug] Pre-Registration ended at 4:30pm: WLUG Keysigning, Wenesday April 22nd

Andy Stewart andystewart at comcast.net
Wed Apr 22 17:46:56 EDT 2009

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Chuck Anderson wrote:
> If you didn't get an email directly from me to you (i.e. not via the 
> wlug email list), then you have missed pre-registration deadline.  I 
> generated the final list of keys at about 4:30pm today.
> Even so, you can certainly still participate--you'll just need to 
> print your key's fingerprint 10-20 times for distribution to others, 
> as it says here under "Right Before the WLUG meeting":
> http://www.wlug.org/keysigning/
> We usually end the meeting by 8:30-9pm, depending on how long things 
> take.
> On Wed, Apr 22, 2009 at 04:39:11PM -0400, Aaron Haviland wrote:
>> I work until 8pm, about 20 minutes away. How late will this be 
>> running if I wanted to stop by? Is pre-registration required, or 
>> just optional? Would it be okay to show up late?
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HI Chuck,

I'd like to understand why my email message to wlug-keys didn't make it
when I sent it a few days ago.  Did anybody else run into this, or is
this a case of PEBKAC?



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