[Wlug] Ubuntu == FAIL WHALE (was: Release party Ubuntu 9.04)

Clint Moyer cdmoyer at charter.net
Tue Apr 14 18:53:34 EDT 2009

I've had very few problems. I wouldn't just google for an answer though. The official Ubuntu forums are quite helpful and accurate. A random post revealed by a generic search may not be as fruitful. Besides, if someone has a problem copying a CD, I'd first suspect PEBCAK...

---- Nick Nassar <nassar at alum.wpi.edu> wrote: 

Does anyone else consistently have bad experiences with Ubuntu?

I've unintentionally made a handful of people really hate Linux by
suggesting they try Ubuntu.

The smooth install makes you think it's working well.  You probably
don't notice the problems for a while and you think "WOW non-geeks could
actually use this." Then you try to burn an audio CD or use bluetooth or
whatever and it doesn't work. You search on Google for a fix and you
think "WOW The community support is awesome."  Then you do what the
community suggests and it not only doesn't fix it but it makes things
worse. So, you reinstall.  The six month release cycle just doesn't
leave enough time to work out all of the quirks and update all of the
community docs before the next version comes out.

When people just want to copy an audio CD or perform some other basic
task and it doesn't work, they (rightfully) get pissed.


James Gray <jamespgray at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,  there will be a release party for the newest version of
> Ubuntu on the 23rd in Boston.
> There will be plenty of food and fellow Ubuntu enthusiasts.  There
> will probably be desktop CDs as well.
> Date: Thursday April 23rd 2009
> Time: 7PM to 10PM
> Where: Globe Bar & Grill, Boston
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