[Wlug] A second Aurora - SPARC question....

Eric Martin freak4uxxx at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 06:24:52 EST 2008

Have you tried to ping the loopback address?  I know that a fried card
won't respond to lo replies ( in Windows, but I'm not sure
what the behavior is in *NIX.  That being said, if the loopback
interface isn't up then we have our answer.

I wish I could tell you that I have an extra sbus card kicking around
but I don't :(

Eric Martin
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Ken Jones wrote:
> Oops!
> I just looked inside my ULTRA SPARC ONE.  The ethernet I/O appears to be
> embedded in the big mother board.  That is not good if I am correct.
> Any suggestions??
> Ken Jones

>     Meanwhile my SUN ULTRA running as an Aurora SPARC SAMBA file server
>     since 1993 has been chugging along just fine.
>     I live in Fitchburg.  We have been without power for nine days.  110
>     volts came up yesterday evening.  Much to my chegrin my SUN was
>     unhappy.  I used a rescueCD to boot.  All came back except my
>     ethernet card.  It would not start.  The little light at the far end
>     on the IP cord does not glow...
>     ---------
>     /etc/rc.d/init.d/network restart
>     says,  "Bringing up interface eth0:  Determining IP information for
>     eth0 ... failed.
>                [FAILED]"
>     The card is claimed to be a 'sunlance' card.
>     Any ideas?  Is the card fried do you think?
>     I have a second SPARC machine.  It's ethernet was working last time
>     it was powered.  Must I swap?
>     Ken Jones

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