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Andy Stewart wrote:
> Clint Moyer wrote:
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> HI all,
> I had totally forgotten about the meeting, but indeed, we do have a
> meeting on Thursday, December 18th, at 7:00 PM.  We do not yet have a
> speaker for the meeting.  Please note that I have posted the meeting
> schedule for the year 2009.
> I've been quite busy lately.  My house was without commercial power for
> 85 hours due to the ice storm.  Commercial power was restored today at
> 1:00 PM and got the computers back up around 3:00 PM.  I was babysitting
> two small generators which needed fueling at 4-6 hour intervals.
> Thankfully, I had heat for all but the first 24 hours, and the
> refrigerator and a couple of lights were powered.  My house was down to
> 47 degrees at one point, except for the room with the fireplace, which
> was a comfortable 65 degrees.  I am now starting to get back to normal.
> The kids watched DVDs on the laptop, LED flashlights are very low power,
> and the gas grill was used a lot.  Unfortunately, I had no hot water,
> but the 80 gallon water tank is well insulated, so I didn't have to take
> stone cold showers, just cool ones, military style.
> I lost many, many branches in the trees, which were strewn across the
> yard.  Thankfully, the house was not damaged.
> See you all on Thursday evening!  Ask me over pizza about the lightning
> that I saw during the storm...which wasn't lightning.
> Andy
Same boat, except sans generators and hot water.  I'm trying to burn a
cd for work tonight with our pictures so I'll have to share with you. 
FYI, the website says Wednesday but I presume that you're over-riding it?

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