[Wlug] Fedora 10 and sound

Aaron Haviland orion at parsed.net
Mon Dec 1 12:20:57 EST 2008

dulsi at identicalsoftware.com wrote, on Nov 30, 2008 at 17:53 EST:
> I don't have a problem with the volume.  The sound just skips.  I  
> added myself to the pulse-rt group which was suggested on the fedora  
> forum.  As said on the forum, it improves the situation but does not  
> make it perfect.  Finally I ended up changing  
> System->Preferences->Hardware->Sound from Autodetect to ESS Allegro  
> PCI Allegro (OSS).  Unfortunately the gnome-mplayer doesn't use that  
> setting and ignores the preferences where you specify the audio  
> driver.  Running it from the command line with -ao oss works.

then maybe try specifying in ~/.mplayer/config:


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