[Wlug] reboot problem

Gregory Avedissian avedis.g at verizon.net
Mon Oct 29 19:18:25 EDT 2007

At the meeting before last, I asked about a problem I'm having with the
computer occasionally going to a black screen with no disk activity on
reboot, right after the grub menu goes away.

Overnight memtest showed no errors, I put a different vid card in, and
still had the black screen problem.

One of the things someone mentioned was to test the power supply.
Recently, I had a few hard lockups and a couple of spontaneous reboots.
So, how do I test my power supply, other than replacing it and seeing if
the problem goes away? Or is that evidence enough to change it ASAP?
According to lm-sensors, voltages are fine, and I've even sat and watched
gkrellm for long periods of time - they look stable.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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