[Wlug] Reminder: Upcoming Meeting Wed Oct 10th

Andy Stewart andystewart at comcast.net
Sun Oct 14 22:03:54 EDT 2007

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Andy Stewart wrote:
> HI Everybody,
> Our next WLUG meeting is approaching soon.  On Wednesday, October 10th,
> 2007, we'll be having our Newbie Night at WLUG.  On this occasion, new
> Linux users are most welcome to attend and ask their questions to the
> more experienced Linux users in a non-intimidating environment.

Hi Everybody,

I am wondering about this meeting since I was unable to attend.  How
well was it attended?  What topics were covered?  Did you eat plenty of
pizza afterwards?

Inquiring mind wants to know!  :-)

My business trip to Austin, TX was successful IMHO.  I met a couple of
people who I had not seen in some time, and I met in person a few people
with whom I have been working only via telephone and email.  It was nice
to be able to put a face to those communications.  Also, I enjoyed
various carnivorous delights like steak and Texas style BBQ.  Finally, I
did see the "famous" bats on the Congress St. bridge - millions of them
fly out each night to feast on mosquitoes and such.



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