[Wlug] gentoo on sparc64 portage question..

ken jones kjones at ziplink.net
Tue May 22 15:39:29 EDT 2007

Please someone explain to me what is happening here.
(chroot) livecd dhcpcd # emerge dhcpcd
Calculating dependencies... done!
 >>> Emerging (1 of 1) net-misc/dhcpcd-3.0.16-r1 to /
 >>> checking ebuild checksums ;-)
 >>> checking auxfile checksums ;-)
 >>> checking miscfile checksums ;-)
 >>> checking dhcpcd-3.0.16.tar.bz2
!!! Missing digest for 'dhcpcd-3.0.16.tar.bz2'
(chroot) livecd dhcpcd #
---------------end snip----------------
Is this a successful emerge?  If not, what do I do about the missing 
digest?  Is there an emerge parameter that eliminates the sum check?  I 
looked in 'man emerge' to no avail.

emerge is supposed to install things.  Instead of installations I get 
whatever this is.   I can not "find" dhcpcd (a binary or a script) 
anywhere inside my machine.  Is another step needed?

Ken Jones

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