[Wlug] Multiple RS232 Com Ports...

Mike Frysinger vapier at gentoo.org
Sun May 20 12:48:33 EDT 2007

On 5/20/07, Stephen C. Daukas <scd at daukas.com> wrote:
>  I'm wondering if anyone knows how many RS232 devices a "vanilla" Linux
> kernel can manage simultaneously.

there shouldnt be any real limit ... at work, we have ~24 USB<->RS232
devices hooked up and we use them all simultaneously to interact with
some hardware

> I'd like to be able to have up to 32
> going at once, with data taken from each device written to its own file via
> the standard I/O subsystem.  As far as I know, wouldn't Linux simply fork
> the appropriate number of driver threads to read as many RS232 ports as are
> attached with each device's stream written to a "/dev" file?

i'd be more worried about *what* the devices are and *how* you connect
your 32 devices to the machine ... making sure linux has proper device
driver support for it

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