[Wlug] Topic for future meeting.

Brian Waite linwoes at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 15:49:17 EST 2007

On Tuesday 16 January 2007 14:29, John Stoffel wrote:
> Brian> 2) Hacking NAS storage with the Kurobox (www.kurobox.com) An
> Brian> very interesting device with a sordid history
> This is an interesting box, but the big limit is the lack of dual (or
> more) disks, since if I build a home NAS box, it's going to have RAID
> for sure.
Well the nice thing with the Kurobox is the lack of shipped disk and open 
access to the command line. We have done some really intereseting hacks with 
this for making things like a web cam enabled motion sensing device that 
snaps pics on movement. Or silent a media player.

> I'm thinking one of those VIA Epia motherboards (1ghz, fan less) with
> a pair of big disks mirrored would be a good home NAS box, esp with a
> SCSI controller, my DLT tape drive and bacula.  The only issue is
> Mysql performance on disks like this, since Bacula is heavy on the
> DB.  Putting in four disks, two RAID1 sets, could work wonders.
I've got one of those also, although the project is far from complete. I'll 
save that for a later date :)

> But gets a bit crazy.  :]
> John
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