[Wlug] REMINDER: Upcoming Meeting Thurs Jan 7, 2007

Andy Stewart andystewart at comcast.net
Mon Jan 8 22:28:44 EST 2007

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HI Everybody,

This is your monthly reminder (hand generated) regarding our upcoming
WLUG meeting, to be held on Thursday, January 7th, 2007, at 7:00 PM in
the Access Grid Room on the WPI campus in Worcester, MA USA.

Many of you have suggested some good topics in our recent email threads.
 I propose that this meeting be a round table discussion of those and
any other topics of interest.

I'll bring my new laptop for discussion as well.  It is a Linux
Certified LC2464T running Kubuntu.  However, I hope somebody has a
DVI-SVGA adapter which I can borrow for the meeting, since I don't yet
have one.  Since this is my first experience with a Debian type of
distribution, I could offer my first impressions.  More info here:


If the discussion runs dry, ask me if I passed my Amateur Radio
technician exam (which I'm taking on Wednesday).  I'm curious to see
what I can do with this and Linux.

I can also give an update on the kernel device driver that I'm writing
for the Delcom USB I/O demo board.  I am planning to do a full
presentation on this sometime soon, after I get more stuff working.  A
couple of simple features are working right now.  Perhaps I'll do this
for either the February or March meeting.  More info here:


As always, we'll adjourn to the Tech Pizza Restaurant on Highland Street
for some discussion afterwards.  All are welcome to attend!

See ya later, and Happy New Year!


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Andy Stewart, Founder
Worcester Linux Users' Group
Worcester, MA, USA

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