[Wlug] For Sale: Alpha PWS 600AU

Phillip G Deneault deneault at WPI.EDU
Tue May 24 14:20:27 EDT 2005

600mhz Alpha with 384megs of ram.  On board sound and LAN.

This is a REAL AU model, with the qlogic SCSI card and the powerstorm 
video card(in case you wanted to run OpenVMS).  I would recommend using 
a different video card or using the serial console for anything BSD or 
I believe it has a 9 gig SCSI disk in it, but I've suplemented it with a 
50gig IDE drive on the IDE chain.  I've also replaced the IDE CD-ROM 
with an 68-pin SCSI CD-ROM(yes, thats right, 68-pin).
I also have all the original docs with it.

I was running FreeBSD 5.3 on it until a week ago when I upgraded the 
machine.  Nice little hobby system.

$200 bucks or best offer.  If anyone has any questions, or wishes to 
haggle, please reply to me(and not the list, they hate that).


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