[Wlug] AMD64 and 32-bit apps

Mike Frysinger vapier at gentoo.org
Tue May 3 16:30:24 EDT 2005

On Tuesday 03 May 2005 03:02 pm, James Baldassari wrote:
> I'm currently running Gentoo for AMD64 on a dual Opteron system.
> Everything works fine, and I'm really happy with it.  I have been able to
> run binaries compiled on 32-bit x86 systems without any problems so far.
> It sounds like you need to do some cross-compiling for 32-bit x86.  I've
> never done that, so I can't say how well that would work, but if you have
> the "cross" and "multilib" USE flags, you should have all of the
> components you need to do that.

there is no 'cross' USE flag, that's not how Gentoo does cross-compiling ... 
cross-compiling is done simply by manipulating CHOST (and assuming you 
installed a cross-compiler ... use the 'crossdev' frontend i made to make 
your life easier) ... ymmv depending on your target of course :)

> For example, Flash doesn't seem to work on AMD64 yet, and
> I don't think you can play WMV files, even with the 32-bit libraries.

sure it does, install the 32bit firefox-bin and the 32bit netscape-flash and 
run that version to use flash ... i create two mozilla profiles, one for my 
normal usage and one for when i want to launch a 32bit browser to view a 
flash page

$ firefox # 64bit native version
$ firefox-bin -P 32bit-profile # a 32bit profile i made

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