[Wlug] gnome-terminal/mutt question & solution

Bill Mills-Curran bill at mills-curran.net
Sun May 1 09:48:42 EDT 2005

Ok, this is going to read more like a detective novel...  :-)

I'm using mutt in a gnome-terminal on fedora core 3, and I'm up to
date (within a week) with updates.

I find that, with the defaults, the terminal does not refresh when it
needs to.  A ctrl-L repaints the window just fine.

I did (just now!) find a fix...  Right clicking on the terminal ->
Input methods and select "X input method"...  Everything works fine,
except this setting is not persistent.

The setting affects all gnome terminals and new ones opened.  However,
if I first close all terminals and start a new one, the setting is

So, how to make the fix stick?  I have no idea, but I did find this
info on the subject:


This gives a link to a new terminfo file which you can use to fix the
problem, and a nice way to install it without editing the
distro-supplied file.

Thus far it works fine.


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