[Wlug] Printing Photos - cropping in gimp 2.0

John Stoffel stoffel at lucent.com
Thu Sep 30 00:45:18 EDT 2004

>>>>> "Andy" == Andy Stewart <andystewart at comcast.net> writes:

Andy> I believe that the gimp-print plugin will do what you want.  It
Andy> should be accessible via the File...Print menu from Gimp.  It
Andy> shows a rather rough thumbnail image within boarders to give you
Andy> a feel for where the image will be printed.

I've been using this and I think it sucks.  Mostly because the images
are considered to be at a maximum scale when you goto the plugin,
which makes it hard to scale up or down to crop it nicely.  But I have
to say, I'm still very happy it is there, since it's let me print some
nice pictures on my Epson printer.  

It's just not as good as I think it should be.  All they would really
need to do is let the size scale start at 100% and allow you to move
it up/down as you like (within reason of course!) since the paper size
you select determines the area that will print.

Am I being clear here?  Hopefully so.  I guess I should look to see if
there's a better version of the tool out there.


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