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Andy Stewart andystewart at comcast.net
Wed Sep 29 01:17:31 EDT 2004

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HI everybody,

I was recently contacted by Patrick Sawyer, who represents the Worcester 
Computer Co-op (http://www.worcestercoop.org).  He asked me if we would be 
interested in getting Linux installed on some computers, as well as building 
up some working computers out of existing parts.  I thought this would be a 
great group event.

This event will be on Saturday, October 9th, from noon to 4 PM 
(http://www.worcestercoop.org/directions.html).  This location is 1.6 miles 
from WPI.

Here is a quote from Patrick:

===start quote===
Here at the Worcester Computer Co Op our goal is to make computer
technology available to those who cannot afford it. In addition to
running a volunteer computer lab and teaching free classes, we take
donated computers, install Linux on them, and distribute them to the

We now have a large amount of computers and our volunteer base
(myself included) is not as well versed in linux as we would like to
be, or as is needed to complete this project.

I am sending this email because we could use some help. Any time you
could give would be appreciated.
===end quote===

I'll be visiting with Patrick this coming weekend to get a feel for how many 
volunteers can be accommodated, what we'll need for CDs, tools, extension 
cords, etc.  Please reply if you are interested in volunteering and available 
to attend the event.  I'll be sending out more details soon.



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