[Wlug] Local service/repair recommendations

Brett Russ icycle at charter.net
Sat Sep 18 10:18:58 EDT 2004

track at trackspace.com wrote:
> Secondly, I jumped the 14 and 15 pins (with a bent paperclip) on the ATX
> connector while leaving one HDD (and absolutely nothing else) plugged in -
> nothing happened.  If I understood you correctly, that should at least
> power the HDD up?  Are there any other visual/aural clues that I'm looking
> for?

I'd assume that both the PS fan and the HDD would spin up.  You might 
not hear the HDD spinup, you might have to unmount it and feel for the 
gyro effect.  But without the PS fan spinning, I doubt it's powering the 

>  Should the paperclip get warm assuming there's a current passing
> through it?

No, there shouldn't be current flowing through the clip.

>  When I plugged the cord in from the wall into the socket in
> the back of the case, I did hear that "click" (for lack of a better word)
> you hear when you plug anything into a socket.  I know at least the juice
> is getting into the box...

I don't usually hear a click when plugging in a PS to the wall.  Maybe 
this is a sign that it's bad.

> Based on this, would you assume the power supply is the likely culprit and
> that the next logical step would be to try testing my hardware on another
> ATX power supply?  My only concern is that the LED lights up, which to me
> would mean the mobo is getting >>>some<<< power.

I would definitely try another ATX supply if you can.  At this point I 
am not sure what could be wrong if it's not the PS.


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