[Wlug] Re: For discussion: A Worthy LUG project? (was gmail invit es)

Bob George mailings02 at ttlexceeded.com
Fri Sep 17 16:02:24 EDT 2004

Jeff Moyer wrote:

>Show me the prototype, and I'll arrange for a machine to host the beta.  If
>anyone cared to donate a second machine, I could even setup a failover
>cluster for you.
Excellent! And thank you much, Jeff. One significant barrier falls away. 
Now the rest of the boatload of challenges!

>So, who's taking the first crack at the design goals?
I'm primarily a WLUG-lurker, having not made a meeting yet since moving 
here last year. I don't want to be presumptuous, but I had a good 
conversation in the IRC channel during which some good questions were 
posed. I'd be happy to do up a list of design goals and post them here.

I'm also NOT a skilled developer (I pre-date C++, coding-skill-wise) but 
do quite a bit of configuration and tweaking on my own systems, so I can 
offer up some of the skills.

Any thoughts?

- Bob

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