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There weren't any notes since I did a live demo...


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On Fri, 17 Sep 2004, JONATHAN BEALL wrote:

JB>Sorry, i missed the last meeting (High Holydays). i was really interested
JB>in the Gentoo meeting, and had wanted to ask if anyone in the group is
JB>currently running MythTV...
JB>I have an older sony viao, that has some mildly difficult hardware to
JB>detect, and wanted to buy a videocard and make it a PVR.
JB>anyone have any thoughts? and a summary of the gentoo install? i
JB>considered it once, but was scared away... =)

taken from:  http://www.wlug.org/slides.html

Live Demo: A Linux Digital Video Recorder (April 16, 2003)
Presented by Tim Keller
WLUG member Tim Keller spoke about his experience building a digital video 
recorder using a video capture card and the Myth TV software. Tim 
mentioned that any video capture card which is supported by Video4Linux 
should work with Myth TV. (Other video capture cards may also work). As a 
video source, Tim used his Nintendo.

very little more info is in this thread from the same time:

Sorry, I wasn't at the last meeting, and notes from it doesn't seem to 
have made it to the wlug website yet...

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