[Wlug] Local service/repair recommendations

Clint Moyer cdmoyer at charter.net
Thu Sep 16 01:26:49 EDT 2004

Start by trying to boot with the bare minimum components. Plug in only the CPU, one stick of RAM, video card, and keyboard. If you get absolutely nothing on the screen, try replacing memory first.

> From: track at trackspace.com
> Date: 2004/09/15 Wed PM 07:21:44 EDT
> To: wlug at mail.wlug.org
> Subject: [Wlug] Local service/repair recommendations
> After unpacking my computer during a recent move, I have been having
> serious hardware issues.  Basically, the computer won't boot up and the
> only output I get is a burning red LED on the motherboard when I turn it
> on.  I've checked all the connections, Googled my symptoms and even
> reinstalled all hardware, piece by piece.  Luckily, everything but the
> processor is under warranty and I don't have a problems RMA'ing something
> back to NewEgg.  I just need to narrow the problem equipment down and I'm
> the first to admit my lack of hardware knowledge.
> Can someone recommend a local shop that can at least diagnose the issue
> and maybe run some hardware tests?  Hell, I'd even be glad to pay someone
> local on this mailing list to diagnose my problem.
> Anyways, I'm all ears...  Thanks!
> --Track
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