[Wlug] NFS Trouble

Keller, Tim Tim.Keller at stratus.com
Thu Sep 9 14:54:47 EDT 2004

What's the disk like on the nfs server?

If it's all software based RAID, writing is going to be really expensive CPU
wise vs. reading.  Though even with that said, I can't see where a 50 meg
file would put a load of 7 on a box.


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With what options did you mount the volume on the client?

Chuck Haines wrote:

> I have an interesting problem that is occuring.  I have a /home
> directory on a file server and I have several login servers that mount
> this /home directory via NFS.  Now this /home directory has a ton of
> files and directorys (about 2000 user accounts).  I noticed that when
> I perform a copy of a large file ( I tested with a 50 MB file) on a
> login server from something like /tmp to the NFS mounted /home, the
> load average on the file server jumps up to over 7, and seems to take
> forever (around 3-4 minutes).  If I copy a large file (once again I
> tested with 50 MB) from the NFS mounted /home to like /tmp on the
> login server, there is no noticable load average increase and it
> occurs in approximately 10-15 seconds.  So it seems that writes to the
> NFS mounted /home are taking longer than they should and are spiking
> the load average.  Both the file server and the login servers are dual
> P3's with 2 gigs of ram.  Has anyone ever seen anything like this, or
> knows of any solutions to this problem?
> Thanks,
> Chuck

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