[Wlug] Linux Photo Printer recommendations

John Stoffel stoffel at lucent.com
Thu Sep 9 10:00:57 EDT 2004

Thanks for the quick reply Andy, but I managed to figure it out last

Background, I've got a Debian system which is pretty aggressively
updated with apt.  Mostly unstable, with some testing thrown in.  CUPs
has been working just fine for ages now, since I've got an HP LaserJet
4 on the network that I share with my wife.  

But this time I couldn't get the CUPs web GUI to even show or accept
any URI's on the form of /dev/usb/lp0, which is where the printer
shows up under udev.  

Well, it turned out that half of the backends in
/usr/lib/cups/backend/ weren't executable, even though they were
there.  So I just did a 

    chomd +x /usr/lib/cups/backend/*
    /etc/init.d/cupsys restart

and went back to 

and I was able to add the printer without any problems.  What a pain!

I had also deinstalled and re-installed various versions of cups as
well, but obviously there's a problem with the debian setup of version
1.1.20final+rc1-5 which is what I have installed.

So at this point I've got my R300 hooked up and working, now to play
with GIMP for printing out photos.  And boy, is it slow on my system,
which is only a PIII Xeon 550mhz dual CPU box.  Using the highest
resolution of the printer, and the highest resolution picture from my
camera, I ended up printing 85mb of data for a 4x6 snapshot.  Ouch!


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