[Wlug] vendor recommendation

Charles R. Anderson cra at WPI.EDU
Sun Sep 5 12:46:13 EDT 2004

On Sun, Sep 05, 2004 at 08:03:02AM -0700, Mike Leo wrote:
> I have heard in the past that you cannot buy a dell
> with only linux on it....they have some special deal
> with MS that says every PC they sell MUST have some
> version of windows.  They will install linux only as a
> duel boot.

That's only true for desktops, not servers.  The best 
way to buy a Dell Linux system for desktop use is to
get a Dell PowerEdge 400SC.  It is their entry-level
tower server, but it uses the exact same motherboard as
their Dimension line, so it has an AGP slot on it (they
don't tell you this in their literature).

So you buy this in the barebones minimum configuration
with the 800MHz FSB P4 CPU you want, add more DDR400 RAM from
crucial.com (cheaper than Dell's RAM), and get your own video card
separately.  You can get Linux preinstalled, or get no OS
at all.  Plus it usually comes with a 3 year on-site
next-business day warranty...

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