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Frank fmoody-ug-wlug at moodman.org
Sat Sep 4 16:42:21 EDT 2004

On Sat, Sep 04, 2004 at 02:50:53AM -0400, Keith Wright wrote:
> I would have thought that 'Why do we eat?' would be a higher stage
> than 'Where do lunch?', but perhaps it is just a matter of taste.
> Which question seems more civilized may depend upon whether you
> are a French philosopher facing a plate full of jellied liver,
> or a film producer facing a starlet.

	It was a reference to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
 as explained recently by another poster and intended to mirror what 
I had seen as levity in the beginning of your post...

> Though not yet civilized, the web interface may nevertheless be an
> advance from savagery to barbarism.  I worry about security.

	To each their own, however I think that equating a web
interface with more insecurity than any other network reachable 
interface might be jumping the gun.

<SNIP Adventures in CUPS-land>

> >  Your web browser had its auto-magical lookup functionality turned
> > on and went looking for what you specified when it couldn't connect
> > to the address you specified.
> I really don't think there is anything wrong with my browser
> (Firefox), it has never done anything at all like that before.  If I
> had ever seen any hint of an auto-magical lookup functionality I would
> have shot it.

	I might be mistaken and the functionality that I am referring to 
is in the DNS resolving layer.  Same difference as the root issue was an 
inability to resolve a link as opposed to any clandestine communication 
(which wouldn't need to involve your browser anyway...).

> >    Honestly, CUPS is not that hard to configure and use these days.
> Well, I didn't mean to insult your baby, I was just telling
> my experience.  I have Cups as installed by Redhat, if you could
> write or point me to a one page HOWTO send a file on this machine
> to the working printer on the other, that would be great.  Maybe
> we could send it back to the Cups project.  The documentation
> I have seen manages to be both voluminous and elliptical and
> lacks a short introduction to getting the damned thing working
> in the simplest case.

	I'm not sure why you think CUPS is my baby, I have no 
affliation nor even heavy use of it.  Heck, I've only used it 
reasonably often in two environments: One work environment on a linux 
desktop in a Windows only shop (much fun with samba, non/badly-
documented copiers that pretend to be printers, and so on...) and a 
home environment where a mixed set of OSes talked to two printers 
(laser/inkjet) on different machines.  Both were in the last couple 
of years.

	I was reporting on *my* experience and mentioned along the way 
what I thought might have been going on in your experience.  Your 
browser going to odd places (assuming the link appeared to be valid) 
does not point the finger at CUPS (at least at first glance), but at 
what your browser was doing.  

	For example, the question about the login box is answered in the 
FAQ section on the CUPS website under "What Password Do I Need to Use 
in the Web Interface?".)

> > There was a period of history where it was pretty difficult to set
> > up correctly but it has been pretty solid for the last couple of
> > years.
> Maybe you have learned to do a difficult thing so well that you
> forgot why it was difficult.

	Nah, I skipped the difficult years.  I came in when it was easy 
to do.

> > And, even in the difficult years, it offered a level of
> > functionality not readily available with the rest of tools in play
> > at the time.
> But if you don't want functionality, just want to send a file
> upstairs in fewer steps than ftp and telnet...

	Out of curiousiy, what did you end up using?

> > And I'd recommend it to the original poster.
> Near as I can remember the original poster asked about a photo-
> printer with a USB interface.  I don't dis-recommend Cups, but
> I've told my story and I'm sticking to it.

	In this case, the poster can draw on the combined experiences 
of WLUG and we just might be able to get them through the (dark and 
scary)/(reasonably lit and pleasant) passage to printing bliss or a 
reasonably close facsimile thereof.

> > (Typos and general icky-ness of the email I apologize for, had to
> > recreate it from a bounce message as I discovered a bit of
> > misconfiguration on my recently moved email server...)
> Every line came padded out with blanks to 80 columns.
> I took them out in the reply.
> Please don't accuse me of misquoting you.
>         -- Keith

	What an odd request...  But okay...


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