[Wlug] printers

John Stoffel stoffel at lucent.com
Wed Sep 1 16:51:14 EDT 2004

Don> I've got a quick question about printers.  Is there a
Don> printers.conf file in Red Hat like there is in Solaris (I
Don> couldn't find one).  Here's my issue:

Don> I have 5 servers in a 9i RAC array and I don't want to set up my
Don> 50 printers on each server.  Can anyone suggest a way to "copy"
Don> the printers I set up on one server to the other 4?

Sure, just setup one box as your master, using LPRng.  Then you
install LPRng on all the client systems with an /etc/printcap sorta
like this:

    # LPRng: /etc/printcap file
    # Forward all jobs to the print server

Then when you add/delete printers on the server, they appear on the
client without any intervention.

Now, I can't say I love LPRng, mostly because the Docs are baroque and
hard to follow, and the output of various commands is also archane.  

You might want to look at using CUPS instead, since it's based on and
support the Internet Printing Protocol.  I use CUPS at home and it's

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