[Wlug] I need to run some win apps

Marc Hughes mhughes@wpidalamar.com
Wed, 19 Feb 2003 08:13:14 -0500

Hiya Geoff!

Are you looking to actually run those programs, or just for equivelant
solutions for those uses?  If it's the later, I'd strongly suggest
checking out Evolution for Email & PIM (palm) functions.


And you could convert your old Eurdora email file to evolution format
with http://freshmeat.net/projects/ceiconvert/?topic_id=28%2C87

A native app will usually be a lot nicer to use, than emulating a
windows app.  If you absolutely need THOSE apps, you can try wine, which
works with some apps, mileage may vary.  Or you can use VMWare which
will actually emulate an entire computer and let you install windows on
that emulated computer. (VMWare is commercial software).  There's other
options, but those are the 2 that stick out in my mind.

Now ... I know nothing about HAM radio, so I'll just say that if you
really need to run those specific windows apps, you might have a hard
time since (I'm assuming) they somehow talk to the funky hardware.

But there are some native apps out there...

Just a few thoughts.

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         I need to run a few windows applications on Linux. I was
if anyone has any suggestions. The programs are:
Palm Desktop 4.1
Eudora 5.2
And a couple of programs to programs 2 different ham radios.

As for the linux setup. We'll have to wait and see the answer - I'm
doing a 
fresh install on a new computer (will there be an install feast anytime 
soon?). I'm thinking Mandrake.

Geoffrey Phillips
gphillips@clarkie.net (Professional)

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