[Wlug] Blanking screen blanking @#$!

chuck@vvisions.com chuck@vvisions.com
Sun, 02 Feb 2003 13:58:40 -0500

Howdy, y'all.

I'm just inches away from using my wikkid new Fujitsu notebook as a DVD
player.  After solving the seemingly difficult problems of playing a
movie in the first place (xine), playing an encrypted DVD (libdvdcss),
getting hardware scaling to work on my ATI (gatos), and enabling the
S-video output (atitvout), I'm left with the final daunting challenge:

Turning off the #!$@ screen saver!

I've tried the following (in this order):

 setterm -blank 0
 setterm -powersave off
 setterm -powerdown 0
 xset s off
 xset s noblank
 xset -dpms
 apm -i (a long shot, which is not compiled in my version)

Still my video goes out every 5 minutes.  WTF?  I don't who or what is
turning off my screen, and for what motive.  But their treachery must be
stopped!  Surely someone on this list has the knowledge I need to restore


  Chuck Homic