[Wlug] Bash help

Scott Venier scott@scooter.cx
Thu, 18 Jul 2002 00:01:09 -0400 (EDT)

for i in * ; do
  mv $i `echo $i | sed 's/\(.*\)..\.\(.*\)/\1.\2/'`

Should do the trick...  It moves each file to the original filename, minus 
the two characters before the last .

As far as a book to get, _Learning the bash Shell, 2nd Edition_, published
by o'reilly.  Also likely useful _sed & awk, 2nd Edition_, also published
by o'reilly.  The sed book will translate that example of leaning 
toothpick syndrome.


On Wed, 17 Jul 2002, Tim Trachimowicz wrote:

> Hey folks!
> I have a bunch of files on a server that are in the 
> format "filename_x.dat" and I need to rename them "filename.dat", i.e. 
> strip to last two characters off the filename while maintaining the 
> extension.
> If it wasn't for the fact that I have about 400 files in multiple 
> directories, I'd do it by hand.  However, it's of a somewhat urgent 
> nature - hence this slightly off-topic cry for help! =)
> I'm pretty sure there's a way to do it via a shell script (I use bash) -
>  the only problem being that I've never written one before.  Can anyone 
> point me to a faq/tutorial/website that might explain the process?  If 
> it's a trivial task, anyone care to take a stab?  Google gave me a few 
> leads, but most aren't helping a lot.
> Any help is appreciated!  Thanks!
> --Tim
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