[Wlug] hardware problem?

avedis@ma.ultranet.com avedis@ma.ultranet.com
Sun, 30 Jun 2002 22:27:55 -0400

I just had trouble booting into linux. Tried several times, but kept 
getting a blank screen, so I booted windoze. I noticed that I saw 
nothing on the screen until I got to my windows desktop, so I tried 
booting to linux again, and waited for my hard drive light to stop. Then 
   I logged in with a blank screen, called up X, and it came up fine.

Any ideas why my startup screen is missing? I haven't tried going into 
my bios yet, to see if it comes up on the screen. I'm not sure I 
remember how to get out of the bios on this machine, so I'm a little 
hesitant to go there. I'm not sure how to proceed, so any ideas are welcome.

Athlon 1.2G, Spacewalker AK12A motherboard, ELSA GLoria L vid card, 
Viewsonic A70 monitor, 256RAM.

I've got another computer here, so I could try switching monitors (not